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for the mobians who need a home
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Sketch: 30 :points:

Example: Com - Etheral the Cat Sketch by AndiOcelot

Line art: 40 :points:

Example: Flare the Echidna - Lineart by AndiOcelot

Flat color: 50 :points:

Example: Dawn the Wolf by AndiOcelot

Shaded: 60 :points:

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Shaded and highlighted: 70 :points:

Example: Devilistian the Wolf by AndiOcelot

SR style: 70 :points:

Example: Ellie the German Shepherd SR Style by AndiOcelot

Story commissions: 85 :points:

Example: SupportThe sky was bright blue with wispy clouds blowing through the air in a splendid fashion. The hills were filled with the colors of late spring and rolling with the breeze. The whole landscape seemed to be alive with a feeling of tranquility. However, the peaceful silence was broken when three figures appeared roaming the green land. One ran ahead, holding her arms out in sheer pleasure, as she climbed the small hills, then let herself collapse on the ground, the grass brushing against her fur. She looked up at the sky as the clouds floated above in the bright blue sky. She sighed at the calmness of the land, and reached up as if trying to touch the heavenly bodies.
A black and purple hedgehog stood above her now, followed by a brown and red cat. Angel smiled at them. Dusk and Ruby sat by her, staring at the bright blue sky. Time seemed to move slower here. Dusk closed his eyes and let out a sigh as well, but all three nearly jumped from an unexpected yell. The three exchanged g

Add extra character: 10 :points: each

What I WILL draw:
Sonic characters
Human characters
1 character in a single picture

What I CAN draw but not well:
2-3 characters in a single picture

What I will NOT draw:
heavy gore
sexual themes
four characters or more in one picture
anything outside the Sonic franchise (this does not include anime)

Feel free to order as many as you want.

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Anyway, hi people. :)

So, I've been relaxing at home all day lately, so there's not much to talk about.

Well, the other day, my parents took me and my sister, :iconroarypants:<---that's her, to the movies as a surprise. We watched How to Train your Dragon 2. :D

Speaking of parents, my mom is doing great! :D From all her research, she's discovered several different ways to get rid of cancer! I know this is really awkward to say, and it sounds like an advertisement, but if you or a loved one have cancer, tell me and I will let her know immediately. Just helping her out with her ministry, to CHANGE THE WORLD!!! >:D That's what I say anyway. :)

Also, I've missed my characters. Poor things have been so neglected. :'(

Say hi, guys. :aww:

Andromeda: WHERE have you BEEN!?!?!? :icontableflipplz:


Rhoda: It is apparent that you have been more into Japanese anime recently, and it is affecting your art input drastically.

:'( I'm sowwy.

Jade: Ah, worry mate. :) We know that's not the only thing on your mind. You got all those other things to worry about as well.


Fia: Hugs!? :iconallthethingsplz:

Andromeda: :iconsuperfffuuuplz: **** NOOO!!!

Fia: :iconsadallthethingsplz:

Velocity: Hi guys! We've missed you! :aww:

Ukidas: Hello...

Anyways, I hope you guys are enjoying your summer!

Bye! :wave:


AndiOcelot's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
(I said United States because Mobius wasn't an option)

Hi! My name is Andelena, but you can call me Neena, Andi, or AJ, though I prefer Andi.
I'm 15 years old. Problem? Too bad.
Where I live is a secret. Shhhhhh. -bricked-

My favorite fandoms of all time are Sonic the Hedgehog, Kirby, and popular animes such as Fullmetal Alchemist, Code Geass, and One Piece!

I don't post very often nowadays, but I'm on dA a lot. :aww:

I basically spent all my Sonic involved art time drawing fan characters, whether yours or mine, and writing fanfiction. I should draw a canon character by his or her self. I really should.

dA family

Real life sister - :iconroarypants:

Real life buddies - :iconshego99::iconmaidaughterofchaos:

Sisters - :icondestinythewolf13::iconmoonlightrobotnik123::iconxangel-hedgehogx::iconferal-spirit:
Brothers - :icondarkbowser1::iconsonicxanimefan:
Cousin - :iconady-the-hedgehog:
:iconnova12500: - Best bud forever
:iconbluewolf135: - My baby wolf cub that loves to take my forks and hide them
:icony-1336: - My pet Squrrielicorn
:iconchibixangel123: - The ghost that resides on my head
:iconxxkomorixx: - My confussed fluffy kitteh
:iconazylumin: - My pet magpie

Epic buddies of awesomness :iconferal-spirit::iconxangel-hedgehogx::iconshark-the-hedgeshark::iconxssys: (This list may grow)

Greatest inspirations! (No order)



Rhoda - single
Velocity - single
Andromeda - not avalible, unless you talk me into it, but good luck with that
Ukidas - single
Fia - single
Jade - single
Andi - not avalible
Darcy - single
Leo - not avalible
Eerin - not avalible
Cassiopeia - not avalible
Cascade - single
Maxine - single
Sasha - single

If you want to pair up, I warn you now, I'm difficult. :stare:
Try gaining trust and comfort with that character through rp, and be paitent enough with us, then MAYBE you'll win one over. :shrug:


Teen Outcast (original)
:iconherospeedplz::iconandiocelot: - Rhoda
:iconheroflyplz::iconandiocelot: - Velocity
:iconheropowerplz::iconandiocelot: - Andromeda

Team Delta
:iconherospeedplz::iconandiocelot: - Jade
:iconheroflyplz::iconnova12500: - Flare
:iconheropowerplz::iconchibixangel123: - Scarlet

Team *insert name here* XD -shot-
:iconherospeedplz::iconferal-spirit: - Paige
:iconheropowerplz::iconandiocelot: - Andi

I have other characters avalible and may join a team with you, if I want to, and know you, that is. :D

So, that's the basics on me, and my awesome weirdness. Oh yeah, another thing about me is that I absolutly LOVE LOVE LOVE getting new watchers and friends, and I love to interact. By all means, feel free to say hi! :D

People I owe

People who owe me


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Celeste-the-Cat Featured By Owner 3 days ago
hey andi i was wandering what do you want me to do with Adoptable - Fearless and unstoppable :CLOSED: by AndiOcelot Adoptable - An Old Friend Returns :CLOSED: by AndiOcelotidk if i'll have time to use them and i want someone else to use them/have a good home i'm really sorry i wish i could've taken better care of them i feel so bad for not using them but i'll still be able to use the other three that i gotten from you Feel the breeze blow by :CLOSED: by AndiOcelotHow I love the sound of moving water :CLOSED: by AndiOcelotYou know I'm cute :CLOSED: by AndiOcelot i still want to keep them these three here i promise that i'll take better care of these three for you :)
AndiOcelot Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So you would like me to take them back?
Celeste-the-Cat Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Adoptable - Fearless and unstoppable :CLOSED: by AndiOcelotAdoptable - An Old Friend Returns :CLOSED: by AndiOcelot these two right? c:
AndiOcelot Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes, I will take them back if you want me to.
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Celeste-the-Cat Featured By Owner 4 days ago
hi c:
AndiOcelot Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:wave: hi
Celeste-the-Cat Featured By Owner 3 days ago
how are you?
AndiOcelot Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
good :) Thank you for asking.

How are you? :3
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Darkbowser1 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
I have the AoT tribute game
AndiOcelot Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool! :D
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